The Tarpley Agencies and Tarpley, Realtors®

About Us

Today, the firm offers professional service to its clients as real estate brokers, real estate appraisers and consultants and property management specialists, and represents buyers and sellers of homes, farms, commercial, industrial, and business properties will full knowledge of the local markets and a wide ranging portfolio of products and services to meet the needs of the homebuyer, investor, or corporate client. 

Our story is one for which are proud, but we do not rest on our longevity alone….we are ready, willing and able to meet the challenges of today with up to date technology, training and commitment to our clients.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you!

Our History

Originally established as the R.E. Tarpley Agency in 1927, The Tarpley Agencies and Tarpley, Realtors® remains one of the oldest businesses in Greenville and Hunt County under the daily administration of family members of the founder. R.E. Tarpley, Sr. was joined by his son R.E. “Dick” Tarpley, Jr in 1940 and later by his grandson Randall E. “Randy” Tarpley in 1969. Randy Tarpley has been a licensed Realtor® for more than 50 years and is still active today. Amy Tarpley Wade continues the legacy of her family as a fourth-generation Realtor® committed to continuing the traditions established in 1927. 

Tarpley Realtors is a family owned and operated business founded in 1927. We take pride in our continued ability to service Greenville and the Hunt County, Texas since that time.

R. E. Tarpley, Sr
R. E. Tarpley, Sr 

R. E. Tarpley, Sr (1886-1969) founded the R.E. Tarpley Agency, later becoming The Tarpley Agencies and Tarpley, Realtors® in Greenville, Texas in 1927.


The firm specialized in life insurance products and Tarpley was recognized as a leader in the life insurance industry in north Texas.


R.E. Tarpley later added real estate and loan originations to his company’s services and worked daily in the office with his son and grandson until his death at the age of 83 in 1969.

R.E. “Dick” Tarpley, Jr
R.E. “Dick” Tarpley, Jr

R.E. “Dick” Tarpley, Jr (1919-1990) is widely recognized as one of Greenville and Hunt County’s most innovative and professional Realtors®, having been instrumental in the formation of the first professional Realtor® association in the area.


Dick Tarpley followed his father into the family business and was responsible for implementing the fire and casualty insurance agency and appraisal services, and expanding the brokerage services.


Tarpley as a noted expert on real estate appraisal and valuation and was widely sought after for expert testimony in matters of litigation and eminent domain matters.